Who is Morgan Lethe?

I’m glad you asked, little mortal. I am many things. I’m a writer of horror fiction and a member of the furry fandom. I’m also a panromantic grey-asexual transgender woman (she/her pronouns, please!) and proud of it. I’m a neo-pagan, specifically a Lokean Heathen, and a chaos mage. I dabble in runecastings, sigils, tarot readings and even find time to do a little art on the side. I’m also a hell-hound. Look upon me and tremble, mortal.

I curate and contribute to the Library of Shadows, a collection of some of the most horrifying stories in the Cosmos, some of which are even fictional. I love the library with all my heart, and can spend days browsing the stacks. The stories within are terrifying in the most satisfying of ways. But don’t take my word on it. See what others are saying.

“Please help me. I’ve been here for days, and I can’t find the exit. I tried to ask the librarian for directions, but the books started laughing at me and I couldn’t hear what she said.” – Library of Shadows Patron

“If I say that the stories you write are good, will you let me go? Please, I miss my family.” – The Washington Post

“What’s going on? Why are all the windows black? Where is everyone else in the building? What did you do with my coworkers?” – The New York Times

“She owes me money and still hasn’t paid.” – Cthulhu

On this site you will find a collection of my various works, as well as a blog that looks behind the scenes and gives a window into my creative process. I hope you will stay a while, and take a look at what I have in store.